Beverageware is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate, enabling us to provide products with pristine clarity and outstanding durability.

Avoid stacking your beverageware whilst carrying or storing it.
Polycarbonate products are incredibly tough so will scratch other polycarbonate products if allowed to rub together.
Recommended to wash your beverageware by hand with warm soapy water to remove residues from juice, milk, stout, etc.
Polycarbonate may be scratched if cleaned with abrasive brushes or washed with harsh chemicals.
The ‘Da Vinci’ range of beverageware has a threaded joint that should not be unscrewed.

Completely dishwasher safe in both standard and commercial dishwasher systems, on low or high temperatures.
Beverageware products have been tested in a STARLINE GM High performance glass washer for 2000 wash cycles.

The unique properties of beverageware allow cold drinks and desserts to be served and remain at the cold serving temperature for much longer than drinks served in glass or ceramic.
Policarbonate products can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, with superior insulation properties keeping beverages at optimal drinking temperature for longer.
Perfect for desserts and frozen drinks.

The best process to remove the sticky label bulk of the label and then use the adhesive on the label to remove the remaining adhesive by dabbing on the affected area.

Please be aware that the aniseed based drinks cannot be used with any kind of polycarbonate beverageware as they will cause permanent damage.
Example: Pernod, Anis, Ricard, Raki, Ouzo.

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